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The Dobamino Effect

December 16, 2008

Obama supporters, friends, cabinet members, and nominees are beginning to fall all around him.  Bill Richardson is the latest to be implicated in a “pay-to-play” scandal.  That’s what Bill gets for shaving that kick ass beard. 


According to Michelle Malkin via WaPo:

The probe focuses on whether the governor’s office urged a state agency to hire CDR Financial Products. The probe is in a highly active stage at a time when President-elect  Barack Obama has chosen Richardson as his nominee for secretary of commerce, according to two sources familiar with the investigation.


The inquiry is part of a long-running nationwide investigation into “pay-to-play” practices in local government bond markets. In other cities, federal investigators are questioning whether financial firms have lavished politicians with money and gifts in exchange for fee-paying work advising municipal and local governments on investments. Authorities indicted the mayor of Birmingham, Ala., this month on charges of taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts and loans from a firm that led the city into toxic investments and massive bankruptcy.

The U.S. attorney’s office in New Mexico also declined to comment on the investigation, which began in the summer. Several Finance Authority board members have publicly confirmed being interviewed by the FBI. Paul Kennedy, an attorney for Richardson’s former chief of staff, David Harris, confirmed that his client had been interviewed by the FBI in the summer but declined to comment further.

Disclaimer: This post is not glee for the implication of Bill Richardson in a P2P backroom deal.