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That Job That Palin Took – Jindal Didn’t Want Any Part of It

November 10, 2008

The future POTUS didn’t want to be vetted accoring to the WaPo:

Jindal was approached by McCain forces to gauge his interest in the vice presidency and told them he was not interested in being vetted due to his desire to continue on with his current job, to which he was elected just one year ago.

While the official reason that Jindal took his name out of contention was his lack of a desire to leave the Louisiana governorship, there was also real trepidation within his political inner circle that Jindal might wind up as the pick — McCain was attracted to his comprehensive health-care knowledge — and be caught up in what they believed to be a less-than-stellar campaign that could pin a loss on Jindal without much ability to change or control the direction of the contest…

The end result — intentional or not — is that Jindal, should he run in 2012, will be free of any taint of President George W. Bush or McCain

This was an intelligent move on Jindal’s part. He couldn’t give the impression that he was willing to leave Louisiana without instituting some real reform in the state. It would have been very difficult for him to go back to the state on November 5 and govern if the people of the state saw their vote as merely a political stepping stone for the future POTUS to get closer to making our dreams reality. If, come January of 2011, President The One is in the 40’s or higher for his approval rating, I think that Jindal should sit out 2012. He can institute some serious reform and change Louisiana for generations to come and he can run on that record in 2016 when he is 45. I doubt he will look a day over 37 anyway. If a Republican (Palin or Romney) kicks Obama out of the White House in 2012, Jindal can still wait out their term till 2020 and would still only be 49. Lots of speculation for the next 12 years