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An American Carol: Bad Friday

October 4, 2008

Box Office Mojo reports that it is finishing ninth as of Friday. As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, I do not intend to see this movie because the humor doesn’t appeal to me. I know it appeals to a lot of people. The type of people it appeals to will not go out after work on a Friday to see this. They will likely watch it on a Sunday afternoon after church and to get matinee price.  As you may notice from the link, Religulous featuring Bill Maher is 10th. This is not a victory for us.  An American carol is playing at 3 times the number of theaters as Religulous.  We cannot also say that it was for lack of advertising. I live in new York City where this film appeals to virtually no one, but I saw ads every day on television.  If this movie does not finish 6th at least, it is a failure.  Please get out there, by a ticket and walk into Beverly Hills Chihuahua which will be ten times as entertaining.


An American Carol

October 3, 2008

This movie looks 100 shades of awful. Not the content, but the presentation. This isn’t geared towards me and I understand that. I am much more Freddy Got Fingered than Monty Python and this movie looks like bleeds that same Monty Python older humor. 

Regardles, I just bought two tickets which I will never use. I feel the need to line David Zucker’s pockets just as a vot against Bill Maher