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No Words

October 28, 2008

OH judge says homeless can list a park bench as their address.



Fighting Back in Ohio

October 3, 2008

From Michelle

Republicans have won a round with Democratic Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner in what’s turned into an ongoing dispute over voting procedures.

A unanimous Ohio Supreme Court on Thursday, Oct. 2, ordered Brunner to tell county boards of elections not to reject applications for absentee ballots because of an unmarked box next to next to a statement that the applicant is a qualified elector.

“No vital public purpose or public interest is served by rejecting electors’ applications for absentee ballots because of an unmarked check box next to a qualified-elector statement,” the Supreme Court decision said.

The absentee ballot applications in question were supplied by Republican presidential candidate John McCain’s campaign. Other application forms for absentee ballots don’t include the boxes.

Not a big win, but a win