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Michael Steele on the “Death” of the GOP

November 26, 2008

Bruce Wayne/Batman may have died today, but Michael Steele feels that the reported death of the GOP is over exaggerated.  In an article written by the GOP Chair hopeful, Steele feels the GOP is still alive despite the dire press Republicans received after the Nov. 4th defeat. 

Steele points out the following facts regarding the 2008 Presidential elections:

the electorate shifted only about 4 points from Republicans to Democrats since 2004. That year, George W. Bush took 48 percent of the vote against Barack Obama’s approximately 52 percent in this election. Now, don’t get me wrong, that 4-point shift produced the best vote tally for a national Democrat since Lyndon B. Johnson. 

But the admittedly major defeat for the home team that resulted from a mere 4-point shift need not send Republicans to the locker room just yet. The fact is that despite dire predictions to the contrary, turnout in 2008 was about the same as it was in 2004. The real problem was that Republican turn-out pitched down while Democrat turnout surged. 

Any fool can see that the GOP lost this November because much of the Conservative base did not stand behind McCain as a candidate who would represent their core beliefs.  However, it is going to take more than “any fool” to create a plan to revive Republican/Conservative prominence in this great country.  What impresses me about Steele are his actual and palpable plans to increase Republican turnout and sway moderate voters.  For example:

Return to timeless Republican principles.  Retool our message, but base it on those proven conservative principles for which our party has always stood: Our freedom is from God, not government. Our prosperity comes from a free people in a free market, not overtaxing, free-spending bureaucrats. We celebrate and protect life, born and unborn. And our best hope for a brighter future is in the empowerment of individuals and families, not in the constraints imposed by a bloated bureaucracy. 

Organize in every state. We need a new approach that assures Republicans play in every state; take nothing for granted. We may not win everywhere we play, but we certainly won’t win if we don’t play everywhere we can. 

Appeal to the forgotten middle class. Obama beat us in the cities, suburbs and exurbs. We beat him in the rural areas. Our message of economic growth, lower taxes, more accountability in education, personal responsibility and fiscal restraint will appeal, but we have to refine it and do a lot better job of getting it out. 

Build a broader coalition. Obama’s coalition consisted of a broad cross-section of Americans. Young voters went for Obama 68 percent to 30 percent. He beat us among Hispanics by a 2-1 ratio. He won the votes of Asians, women, African-Americans and seniors. This doesn’t have to be the case. We have the message, but we have to improve our credibility with these voters. 

Stop the blame game. We have to stop trying to lay blame for our losses. It’s embarrassing to see what unnamed McCain aides are saying about Sarah Palin. Worse, it’s not fair, relevant or productive. Instead, we have to recognize we have all contributed to the problem and it will take us all — working together — to repair it. 

Use new communication tools. Not only was our message stale, the means by which we’ve conveyed our message has been lackluster — at best. Television advertising is great, but it’s not enough in this new age of Facebook, YouTube, bloggers and Twitter. In addition to updating our message, we have to update the means by which we communicate it. 

…let’s stop telling Americans what we’re against and instead articulate a compelling vision of what we’re for, how we’ll lead and where we want to go. 

We should be assisting in all of these things to further our cause.  A cause based on minimal government intervention, freedom, economic stability, liberty, homeland security, and fiscal responsibility.  Many of our Republican representatives have swayed from these core values.  Let us find, support, and elect those who believe as we do.  May we do what we can to help our local races, no matter how large or small.  Together we can do great things.



Michael Steele Officially Throws His Hat Into Chair Race

November 14, 2008

As readers of this site know, we have been backing Steele since the epic fail of Nov. 4. Yesterday, he made it official:

Former Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele today announced his candidacy for the position of Chairman of the Republican National Committee. 

Steele was clear in his reason for running by saying, “the Republican Party must present a vision for the future of America that relies on our conservative values and core principles. It is wrong to believe the voters have suddenly become liberal.  They have just lost any sense of confidence that the Republican Party holds the answers to their problems.   We must face the fact that our party has failed in recent years to live up to our own principles — we have failed to be ‘solutions oriented’ in addressing the concerns of all Americans.”

Steele made his decision to run last weekend but delayed his public announcement until today so that he could call as many RNC members as possible to personally discuss the future of the Republican Party and to seek their support.  “I have been working the phones for days now in an attempt to reach the leadership of our Party as quickly as possible”, Steele stated.  He believes the future of the Party lies with the states and wanted to set the tone from the outset that he will place an emphasis on the members of the Committee to begin rebuilding. 

“Having been a member of the RNC, as state chairman of the MD Republican Party from 2000 to 2002, as a County Chairman from 1994 to 2000; I know first-hand the RNC must truly be run as a federation of state parties in order to be effective.”

“I believe the leadership of our party must come from its grassroots because the members of the RNC are the best representation of what direction our party needs to take.    The state chairmen, national committeewomen, and national committeemen are the party leaders who are closest to the voters – they know what the voters want – they talk to them everyday.  I have walked a mile in their shoes; without them you become out of touch with the issues that are important to Main Street Americans.” 

“I want Republicans to get back to winning elections, not just for the sake of winning, but for the sake of our Country’s future.  Most Americans today see a Republican Party that defines itself by what it is against rather than what it is for.  We can tell you why public schools aren’t working, but not articulate a compelling vision for how we’ll better educate children.  We’re well equipped to rail against tax increases; but can’t begin to explain how we’ll help the poor. The success of our Party’s resurgence will come from the states —  from our local leaders and from our Governors.”

We must articulate a positive vision for America’s future that speaks to Americans’ hopes, concerns and needs.  It’s time to stop defining ourselves by what we are not, and tell voters what we believe, how we’ll lead, and where we’ll go … how we Republicans will make America better … how we’ll make their families more prosperous, their children better educated, their parents more secure, and all of us healthier, safer, and stronger.  That means we must articulate our vision in the local public square, on TV, on Radio, in the local newspapers, on the internet.  With God’s help and the guidance of the men and women who give strength to our Republican National Committee, I am prepared to do just that.”


Draft Michael Steele!

November 11, 2008

If you support Michael Steele for RNC Chair, please take a minute of your time and go here. get your voice heard and let’s put Michael Steele in as head of the RNC.



Battle for the RNC Chair

November 11, 2008

It looks like we have a battle for the RNC chair where no matter what the outcome, conservatives are bound to arise victorious. The Washington Times reports:

Republicans close to each man say they are intent on ousting Mike Duncan when his tenure ends in January and to insert themselves to articulate a counter-agenda to President-elect Barack Obama´s administration.

A bevy of backers for each man, neither of whom is an RNC member, have been burning up the phone lines and firing off e-mails as they try to sway the 168 RNC members in the wake of the second consecutive drubbing of Republicans at the polls.

“The Republican National Committee has to ask itself if it wants someone who has successfully led a revolution,” Randy Evans, Gingrich confidante and personal attorney based in Atlanta, told The Washington Times on Monday…

“Steele is a good guy,” Mr. Gingrich said in an e-mail response to The Washington Times. “There are a number of good guys.”

In one corner, we have Newt Gingrich, the only post-Reagan leader of the Republican party that could claim heir to the mantle of conservatism. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports:

Newt Gingrich has let it be known that, if Republicans want him, the former U.S House speaker is willing to serve as chairman of the national party and lead it out of the wilderness it’s blundered into.

The question is whether the 168-member Republican National Committee is open to the match.

“If a majority of the RNC thought he was needed, he would accept that appointment,” said Randy Evans’ Gingrich’s close friend and legal counsel. “He fully appreciates the urgency of the moment.”

In the other corner, we have Michael Steele, the most prominent African-American Republican behind only Condy and Clarence (Colin no longer counts). Today, he has an article in WSJ that looks like him bolstering his credentials:

Republicans once said that the opportunities this nation has to offer rest not in government but rather in the hands of individuals. Over the past decade or so, however, we Republicans lost our way. The disparity between our rhetoric and our action grew until our credibility snapped. It wasn’t the fault of our ideals. It was the failure of our leadership.

Over time, our principles morphed into baser motives. Continued political dominance grew more important to those who led us than the noble vision most of us originally signed on for. And to maintain power we turned to the controls of government — we became the party of big government. We behaved like Democrats.

True, the country has changed and our party must adapt. However, it is wrong to believe we must change our principles or become conservative-lite. After all, the voters did not suddenly become liberal; but they have lost any sense of confidence that the Republican Party holds the answers to their problems.


We must articulate a positive vision for America’s future that speaks to Americans’ hopes, concerns and needs. It’s time to stop defining ourselves by what we are not, and tell voters what we believe, how we’ll lead, and where we’ll go; how we Republicans will make America better; how we’ll make their families more prosperous, their children better educated, their parents more secure, and all of us healthier, safer and stronger.

Our challenge lies not in beating Democrats, but in uniting around a message that solidifies our ranks and attracts new people to our cause. We have to listen to what Americans are telling us about their hopes, desires and needs, and then translate that message into proposals for meaningful action squarely grounded on the values we Republicans have always stood for.

Our faith in the power and ingenuity of the individual to build a nation through hard work, personal responsibility and self-discipline is our uniting principle. That is the sacred ground upon which our Republican Party was built. For the sake of all Americans, it is the ground we must reclaim.

In addition, Mike Huckabee is trying to push his former campaign manager, Chip Saltsman for chair.

I can’t speak for any of my comrades on this site, but I’ll throw in for Michael Steele. He isa true conservative and his political aspirations are pretty much nil at this point. It would also be great to see Steele counter PE-BHO after a state of the union speech. I love Newt, but if he has any aspirations of running in 2012, I fear that he would use the power of the RNC chair to undermine any potential opponents he may have. In addition, his work at American Solutions needs to continue and something like the RNC chair would only divert him.

– Yossarian


Time for New Leadership

November 5, 2008

It is time for new leadership. McConnell, Blunt and even Boehner have led us to two straight losing cycles in Congress. They are not doing a good job. 

TBV endorses Eric Cantor (R-VA), the fundraising machine from south of DC to take the lead in the House which we understand he already plans to do.

Eric Cantor

Eric Cantor

For the Senate, we hope to have John Cornyn (R-TX) as minority leader. He is a strong and forceful voice for conservatism and can lead us out of the wilderness.

John Cornyn

John Cornyn

Lastly, we recommend Michael Steele (Mr. “Drill Baby Drill”) for RNC Chair. He is a presence and can articulate conservatism of the Newt kind. There is a case to be made for Fred Thompson, who would make a great minority party chair, but his hey day is behind him. We need an energy guy and Michael Steele is that guy.

Michael Steele

Michael Steele