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The Road Map

November 6, 2008

Alright, indulge me for a moment as I get on this megaphone and lay a framework for what happens next. 

1. Accept It – we lost. we lost bad. Just because we saved Mitch McConnell and may have saved Stevens’ seat (temporarily) as well as Chambliss’ and Coleman’s, we lost. The map has changed. For two cycles we had Michael Moore’s erroneous designation of Jesusland and they had the coasts (consequentially where I live). The map has been redrawn and the rules are now changed. Several things have become apparent from this election that we need to come to grips with.

2. Abortion is approached incorrectly – Conservatism lost in Colorado and South Dakota. An amendment to ban abortion lost by 10% in South Dakota If it is going to pass anywhere, it is going to pass in South Dakota. That is a referendum on our agenda. I am not saying that we are wrong about abortion and the value for human life, but the approach is wrong. I believe that issues of choice and life are the wrong way to couch the issue because the other side will not listen when the catch word is released. Abortion should be couched in a two tier Robert George/ Peter SInger right/left analysis. First, are you willing to acknowledge that a fetus is a human? Second, are you willing to extinguish a life for the economic welfare of society? That is the question. Let’s remove women’s rights and religion from it and take it for what it is, a Constitutional right that some are willing to take away from the least of us. Twenty-three pairs of chromosomes is twenty-three pairs of chromosomes no matter which way you toss them. This leads us into 

3. The Rural Vote – the failure of the abortion amendment in San Francisco as well as the turn in the states (especially ethanol voting Iowa) tells us that the “redneck” (as Murtha would couch it) vote does not belong to us. We have taken the redneck vote for granted as much as the Democrats have used the African-American people.  I am not calling the Republican party the party of greed or saying that we have not done enough for the middle class. I am saying that we can’t win the middle class vote unless we explain to them that we are catering to them.  What is the best way to do so? Connect with them. The secret to the Republican Revolution of 2004 was that the new congress was the middle class vote. Pollster Frank Luntz gave each Republican running for the positions a football. At the rallies, the candidates would throw the football at someone in the audience who, when they had possession, would be able to air their thoughts and grievances. Those are our Joe the Plumbers. If we listen, we can help them. Next, we have the non-rural blue collars

3. The Union Vote – I have posted about this before and have gotten crap for this and will likely get more in the future, but our best bet for victory is to abandon Wal-Mart or find a fine balance. First, before I get into this, Wal-Mart is the best friend of the middle class there is. If you live in a rural area, Wal-Mart keeps your gas low and their prices low by providing everything in one place. Wal-Mart can allow a middle or lower class individual to live like an upper middle class individual. Wal-Mart is the biggest Republican donor. The problem is that the union leaders are anti Wal-Mart. We have the perfect opportunity right now to take the union vote. President Elect [ ] and the Liberal Congress are ready to institute card check. This will impair union members individual freedoms to vote the way they want to, especially in one state…

4. Target Nevada 2010 – After Kerry lost 2004, the nutroots, which I guess we are now, had a game plan to undermine the Bush administration. They targeted important Congressional seats, taking the House and the Senate and torpedoing our presumptive 2008 candidate, George Allen. To get back in power, we need to target Nevada hard starting tomorrow. Someone there needs to step up. My colleague, Reagan21, says to look to Jon Porter and Dean Heller as potential candidates to take Reid down. If you are in Nevada and are pissed, get up and start mobilizing.  But…

5. Other Senate seats – Because of our success in 2002, 2010 is going to be the biggest Senate race we have in the coming decade. We are defending 18 senate seats and they are defending 14 senate seats. Odds are in their favor. It is very likely that McCain’s seat in Arizona will be an open seat as well as Arlen Specter’s in Pennsylvania. The Democrats have numerous seats which they have NO chance of losing including Russ Feingold, Pat Leahy, Chuck Schumer, Evan Bayh, Daniel Inouye, and Barbara Boxer. If you are in Arkansas, target Blanche Lincoln. Libertarians in Colorado, what has Ken Salazar done to reduce government size? Jesse Jackson Jr. will be the Messiah’s replacement and will be in a position of weakness as an appointment. Jack Ryan, would you care to come back to the party and help? We can  take Byron Dorgan out in North Dakota if we organize early. I think that the Patty Murray Washington seat is competitive in light of the Oregon Senatorial race. We stand to lose unless we start acting up and taking care of business form day 1. Obama won, not because he was competent, but because he had an excellent ground game. We need to take that ground game and use it to our advantage, which Ieads us to…

6. The New Republicans Same As The Old –  Obama won by tapping into discontent and supposedly tapping into new voters. I say supposedly because at this point, the vote total is less than it was in 2004. Regardless, if we are losing the rural vote and are unlikely to gain the ignorant college vote, we need to find new voters. Besides the union vote, listed above, who shares values with us, there is another group out there that expands every year that we need to tap into. We need to tap into new Americans. The proudest Americans are those that have fled the oppression of their country to arrive here in the land of opportunity. As soon as they become citizens, we need to explain to them what our ideology is and register them as Republican. These individuals will go back to their communities, likely already socially conservative and become voices for the cause of small government. Although, there reaches a point…

7. Tipping Point – Not Malcolm Gladwell, but the point of no return. My friend and I had dinner tonight and we discussed this point. Under an Obamastration, we may cross the point where the individual making the medium income in America is getting more from the government than he puts in. That will push the tax burden to the one half of the people and that is something that there is no coming back from. There is no way to spread the responsibility for running the country back to all people after you put the burden on the shoulders of the few. If this point happens, look to see a massive realignment of state interests and renewed interest in federalism. We will want our state laws to govern more than the national government unless…

8. Foreign Policy – Joe Biden pretty much said it is inevitable that there will be an attack on the US or on US interests in an Obamastration. Just today, Israel launched missiles into the Gaza, and they responded in kind. Russia moved missiles to the EU border. Russia has been selling tanks to Venezuela. China always looms. Iran’s elections changed nothing. An international crisis is brewing. While FDR was preceded by Coolidge and Hoover who weren’t known for their internationalist tendencies, PE BHO is preceded by W. and Clinton who had a pervasive influence all over the world. He can’t just duck his head in the sand and hide from the harsh reality of what is going on. If he does…

9. Republican Leadership – Contrary to popular belief we have strong leadership in both houses. Blunt and Cantor are running hard and strong as voices of opposition in the House. Pence was one of the strongest proponents of energy reform and Boehner is there. Today we had wonderful essays about conservatism from Reps. Flake and McCotter, neither of whom I was aware of till today. I would also love to see Jeri Thompson (video linked) run for congress in 2010. In the Senate, we are weakened but there is still strength. We will have Mitch McConnell ready to filibuster any judges or the Fairness Doctrine. John Cornyn can take a leadership position. Whoever will replace Ted Stevens needs to be a reformer. Lastly, let’s face facts…

10. Rush is Right – Rush Limbaugh is the leader of the Republican party, not the conservative wing, but THE Republican party. None of us bloggers who are in our 20’s would be around if it was not for Rush. Half our elected congress-folk would not be in office. He taught us civics growing up, he explained federalism and he has not become marginalized. Others, I’m looking at you Ross Douthat, have questioned Rush’s logic during the end-days of the election, but he was completely right. McCain did not bring any Democrats over besides the Hillary people who would have gone to Romney or Huckabee. They voted the way they did because of the way they were treated, not because of a special alignment with McCain. We failed with the conservatism and we need to win it back. Last night, Obama said that America has never been a nation of individuals. This collectivist malarkey is what Rush has been preaching against for the past 20 years. Trust him and trust us to guide you through troubled times. Join a campaign tomorrow. If not, find someone without a drug record you can believe in.  Mobilize my people!


Lt. Russell and Murtha Appear Tied Going in Today

November 4, 2008

If we lose the big one, this is going to be one of our few consolences. Mark Hemingway reports from the Corner:

  • The Russell campaign’s internal polls had them tied(!) at 46 percent Saturday night.
  • Murtha has raised a fortune in the last days of the campaign now that he’s in trouble — but it’s largely for naught. All of the air time in the district in Western Pennsylvania is already bought up, so he can’t spend the money on ads.
  • Because they can’t spend money on ads, they’re hitting the robocalls against Russell pretty hard. Many of the calls are below the belt and untrue, though obviously they have no evidence the Murtha campaign is behind the more unsavory calls. The scurrilous calls are accusing Russell, a retired Army Lt. Col. and Iraq war veteran, of being forced into early retirement from the military because of some unspecified scandal.
  • The Murtha campaign is hitting the carpetbagger theme pretty hard, though it’s not quite fair. Russell moved to the district after he retired from the army, and during his 28 year career in the military his family had no real permanent home. He’d pretty much be a carpet bagger no matter where he went. Nonetheless, the Russell campaign thinks that if anything has hurt them it’s this. In fact, when Murtha angrily denounced Russell as a “G-d damn carpetbagger” he may have looked like a crazy old man from the outside, it actually may have actually may have resonated somewhat as righteous indignation in the district.  
  • Bill Clinton was in the district for a Murtha rally Monday. They don’t think it had much of an impact, Clinton only drew a crowd of 1,400. In contrast, Palin’s rally in the district a few weeks ago drew over 5,000.
  • My source says the Russell campaign can’t keep signs, stickers t-shirts in stock and it “just feels like winning campaign.” The bottom line is that if a 34 year incumbent can’t break 50 percent 72 hours before election day, that’s really bad news for him.
  • Finally, he says that Russell is running ahead of McCain in the state. Murtha’s district is the home of the country’s largest coal reserves and the Russell campaign has been pushing the heck out of Obama’s coal comments. If McCain somehow wins Pennsylvania by a narrow margin, Russell’s impact in Western Pennsylvania might end up being a very significant contributing factor.

It’s like the Sith Apprentice pleading with the Emperor

October 29, 2008

Murtha is in a lot of trouble in PA.  Most polls have it as a dead heat.  What does an evil congressman do when faced with defeat?  He seeks the deep pockets of an even more evil George Soros and  We can only wait to see what kind of slander MoveOn will spew this weekend about William Russel.  Hold on to your hats.  This weekend is going to be a whirlwind. 



Goodbye Murtha

October 29, 2008

His days in the House of Representatives are numbered:

Murtha 45.5 and Russell 43.7.

We are going to take that seat and get the most embarassing member of congress out. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten you either Tim Mahoney, D  FL-16. You are embarassing also


Goodbye Murtha

October 28, 2008

This may be our only victory, but I still believe in the people of Minnesota.


Latent Patriot Theory

October 28, 2008

Dear Friends,

We are to believe that both seasoned politicians Joe Biden and John Murtha are gaffe-tastic by what they have recently said. See below

Have these idiots seriously made this many mistakes in the past week as SNL puts it. I call this “latent patriot theory.” Whether or not they know it or not, Biden and Murtha want McCain to win. They love this country and don’t want it to become a socialist country. For your latent patriotism, we salute you!


The Pennsylvania Gambit

October 22, 2008

Since the convention, I have been arguing that Pennsylvania is the key to this election. In recent weeks, my argument has looked a bit ugly if we are to follow RCP. However, it should be noted that each of the RCP polls listed has a sample size of 500-700 and I don’t even know what methodology Morning Call and Susquehanna use.  SurveyUSA has been all over the place this year.  Recently, the McCain/Palin camp has been spending an inordinate amount of time in Pennsylvania. Cynics may see this as the Hail Mary, but I think there is something more to this. The rallies in Pennsylvania have been having marvelous turnout all extremely jazzed for Palin.  In addition, we have good old Jack Murtha calling his constituency racists and rednecks.He does this even though western Pennsylvania voted in favour of a black man, Lynn Swann, in the last gubernatorial race while urban Pennsylvania did not:

However, what Rendell fails to do is actually look at the county-by-county results of the 2006 gubernatorial election where he soundly dispatched of Lynn Swann by a 20-point margin. If Rendell had bothered to actually look at the election results, he would find that the reason Swann lost was because Lynn Swann got absolutely crushed in the Philadelphia region by 80% to 20% ratio, losing the City of Philadelphia by a 90% – 10% margin. That accounts for about 45% of the total statewide vote.

It was with the mostly white, moderate-to-liberal Philadelphia suburban voters (those supposedly enlightened enough to vote for a black candidate) that Rendell racked up the big margin over Mr. Swann that propelled him to victory. Furthermore, in the most liberal part of the state, the “City of Brotherly Love,” black voters voted 95% against the first black gubernatorial nominee in Pennsylvania of a major party.

When we turn our attention to the more rural, conservative areas of the state; we see that in 2006 not only did those areas vote for a black candidate, but that Rendell’s conservative-whites-that-won’t-vote-for-blacks voted for Lynn Swan in a greater numbers than Rick Santorum. In conservative bastions such as Cumberland, Dauphin, Perry and Adams counties Swann ran well ahead of Republican Rick Santorum. This despite the fact Santorum was better funded, better known and, by the way, white. Overall Lynn Swann ran ahead of Rick Santorum in rural central and Western Pennsylvania, where the state’s most conservative voters live.

It seems that there is some validity to my theory here. Ed Rendell has called upon Obama to come back to Pennsylvania for another rally before the election:

Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell has sent two separate memos to the Obama campaign in the past five days requesting that the Democratic Presidential candidate—as well as Hillary and Bill Clinton—return to campaign in Pennsylvania, Rendell told CNN’s Gloria Borger.

Rendell said the McCain campaign is clearly making a push to win Pennsylvania, given the recent visits by the Arizona senator, his wife and his running mate. As a result, he wants Obama to appear in western Pennsylvania, Harrisburg and one more “large rally” in Philadelphia. Democrats generally worry that the race is significantly closer than what recent polls have suggested. According to Rendell, there is also worry among Democrats the McCain campaign has successfully raised the enthusiasm level among Republicans in the state.

Realistically, I don’t know if Pennsylvania is winnable at this point, but I have no idea what McCain’s internal polling is showing.  Conventional wisdom would advise a deployment of Palin to Colorado to court the libertarian west, but hopefully they know something that I don’t.

UPDATE: Fantastic, I finish this post, switch over to Spectator and what do I see, the Other McCain has found that the One has a two point lead in Pennsylvania. R.S. McCain notes that the leak is attributed to an Obama organizer.


Sorry about calling you racists, you racists.

October 16, 2008

Congressman Murtha has apologized for calling his constituents racists. 

“I apologize for making the comment that ‘Western Pennsylvania is a racist area.  While we cannot deny that race is a factor in this election, I believe we’ve been able to look beyond race these past few months, and that voters today are concerned with the policy differences of our two candidates and their vision for the future of our great country.”

Why has race been an issue? McCain nor Palin have brought up race.  It was not an issue until people like Murtha and Reid brought it up. 

On a side note, lets’s assume Murtha’s apology was genuine.  What does that insinuate about his Haditha Marine comments.  An apology has never been offered even though all charges were dropped

I would like to personally thank Murtha for enraging Western Pennsylavians to get out and vote your old ass out of congress.  McCain might just win PA.



Western PA is Racist Country

October 15, 2008

When will people like Congressman Murtha and Harry Reid understand that conservatives aren’t voting for Obama because us conservatives do not want a Socialist sitting in the Oval Office, regardless of the candidate’s skin color.  There are racists in this country, and there are most likely racists in Western PA, but to paint a whole region as a racist area is rediculous.  I am 100% sure the vast majority of this country would vote for an African American if they held the same values as the candidate.  I am conservative and I would have no problem voting for Condie Rice, Powell (if he could run), JC Watts, Alan Keyes, and many more.  I have chosen not to vote for Obama because of his views on the role of the Federal Government and his beliefs to spread the wealth…to name a few.

It seems to me Congressman Murtha is out of touch with his constituents.  Does he not realize what Western Penn’s hold dear to their hearts?  Guns, religion, and football.  Murtha has been downtrodden so long from his elite lookout in Washington that he has failed to notice that Obama is not for those who cling to such things.  Maybe those who don’t vote for Obama in Western PA, or any other part of this country, do so not because of Obama’s skin color, but because of his views.  ***As to the assertion regarding football – I am not so sure whether Obama is a football fan, but he looks more like he enjoys a good jai alai match.*** 

Here’s a thought.  Those democrats who cry racist wolf know that the majority of this country is not actually racist.  The whistle blowers want to induce White Guilt and to make us white folk feel if we don’t vote for a Black Candidate we are subliminally KKK grand wizards.  I have no problem not voting for Obama.  Not because of the color of his skin but for the content of his character.  Why should you?


Marine Sues Murtha Over Haditha Remarks

September 26, 2008

Mike Fahrer of the Tribune-Democrat writes:

In May 2006, six months after 24 people were killed in a small Iraqi town, U.S. Rep. John Murtha made a startling accusation.

American soldiers, he contended, had killed innocent civilians “in cold blood.”

Now, less than six weeks before the longtime Johnstown Democrat is up for re-election, a Marine involved in the now-infamous Haditha incident is suing Murtha for slander.

Justin Sharratt of Canonsburg, Washington County, left the Marine Corps last year. But he claims Murtha’s statements have caused “permanent, irreversible damage to his reputation.”

“What Murtha did is outrageous, and I am seeking punitive damages,” said Noah Geary, a Pittsburgh attorney representing Sharratt.

The lawsuit was filed Thursday in federal court in Pittsburgh.

It includes Murtha’s statements from nationally televised interviews in 2006, including an exchange during a CNN interview with anchor Wolf Blitzer.

“There was an (improvised explosive device) attack, it killed one Marine, and then they overreacted and killed a number of civilians without anybody firing at them,” Murtha told Blitzer.

“That’s what you’re going to find out.”

At this point, though, seven of the eight servicemen charged in the incident have been cleared.

Geary said Sharratt was charged with three counts of unpremeditated murder but later was exonerated.

Murtha will have to fight for his House seat and the US Military at the same time