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Nebraska Backlash

October 17, 2008

If you don’t know, the University of Nebraska has decided to allow an unrepentant terrorist speak at their commencement ceremony.  Not only any ceremony…but the ceremony during the University’s 100th Anniversary.  I guess the University has to do something to take the pressure off of their underachieving football team.  Yes, Bill Ayers will be speaking to the future leaders of America about the importance of “sticking it to the man” by bombing Police Departments, Judges, the Capitol, and the Pentagon.  What a standup human being.  If I were graduating from said institution I am 100% I would not show in protest. 

The good taxpaying citizens of that great state deserve better than a terrorist address, and the citizens have been heard.  Let the backlash begin.  I hope the University reneges on their offer with Mr. Ayers. 

Here is the email of the Chancellor of the School to announce your disgust for the school’s repulsive decision.

 Thanks MM