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October 7, 2008

Won’t last so enjoy it while you can


More on the SNL Bailout Skit Being Pulled

October 7, 2008

I watched the thing as it was aired and had no idea that “the Sandlers: people who should be shot” were real people. I thought SNL just created random archetypes of people who took advantage of subprime. Apparently they are real. Todd Thurman at Heritage notes:

The best was saved for last. Wiig/Pelosi introduced Herbert and Marion Sandler (played by Darrell Hammond and Casey Wilson). Unlike the earlier composites, the Sandlers are all to real. They did build a mortgage company whose major product was subprime mortgages and they sold it to Wachovia for $24.2 billion in 2006. And what do the Sandlers do when they are not peddling subprime garbage? They are busy writing checks to leftist groups like the Center for American Progress, the American Civil Liberties Union, and Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN). Yes that ACORN.

One of this site’s cofounders, ratpacklaw, has been telling me over the past week that ACORN is going to hit the fan before election day. I have been skeptical thinking that such baseline election fraud was too tenuous a subject for the American people to digest. It had no teeth and more importantly, no face. Perhaps it will now have a face.

In addition, Michelle and HotAir have linked to a few more stories telling us just who these people are.  Of the stories, Ed Lasky provides a good but scary picture:

The Sandlers have started to invest their billions of dollars politically, in the manner of George Soros, sugar daddy of many far-left wing groups and an early and prominent supporter of Presidential candidate Barack Obama. Soros has developed an empire of so-called 527 groups, putatively independent political activists groups that have influence within the Democratic Party. These 527 groups include the Center for American Progress, MoveOn.Org, Human Rights Watch, Media Matters and a slew of other like-minded groups…

Soros, Lewis, and the Sandlers form a core group of billionaire activists and Democrat partisans who have formed a group called The Democracy Alliance. They realized that they could magnify their power by working in unison and tapping other wealthy donors to further their agenda (the superb Boston Globe article “Follow the money” is a good primer on how money and 527 groups have come together to have a huge impact on politics in America).

The Democracy Alliance is a major avenue to help them achieve their goals. The roster of its growing membership consists of a list of billionaires and mere multi-millionaires who collectively hope to give upwards of 500 million dollars each year to further promote a left-wing agenda. A partial roster of the Democracy Alliance membership can be found here.

Half a billion dollars a year can purchase a great deal of influence.

The Sandlers certainly know quite a bit about leverage from their savings and loan days.

Among the beneficiaries of their largesse: Air America, ACORN (a group that has very close and long lasting ties to Barack Obama and has a long history of engaging in voter fraud. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (basically a private detective group focused on the private faults and foibles of Republicans), Media Matters, a media watchdog group that engages in harsh partisan attacks against media figures and articles it considers supportive of Republicans). The list goes on and on.

Here is a transcript of the skit.  I thought it was funny, but mistakenly bookends this crisis over the Bush administration when it goes back to 1977. Even Democrat hegemony tells us this happened in the Clinton years.  Let’s see if SNL gets pissed off and tries to mount a come back showing us that they won’t be pushed around