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Obama to Investigate His Own Team

December 11, 2008

Does anyone else see the conflict of interest problems when Obama promises to gather information about his own team regarding Blago, and the pay-to-play politics implemented to sell Obama’s former Senate Seat?

Via Hot Air:

He never spoke to Blagojevich personally, he insists, and is “absolutely certain” there was no dealmaking by anyone on his team, which is quite an assertion when the facts haven’t been gathered yet.

If Obama wants to “gather” the information about what his team knew it shouldn’t be that hard.  Obama should look right at Chief Rahm.  As National Review Reports:

Mr. Emanuel was among the few people in Mr. Obama’s circle who occasionally spoke to Mr. Blagojevich. He declined to answer questions on Wednesday, waving off a reporter who approached him as he walked across Capitol Hill.

A Democrat familiar with Illinois politics and the Obama transition, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said there probably were calls between the Blagojevich and Obama camps about the Senate seat. It was not clear if any calls were recorded by federal agents, who had tapped the governor’s phones.

Someone from Obama’s told Blago he would get appreciation for appointing Obama’s choice to the US Senate.  Rahm is probably the best place to start.  He was the only one we know who spoke with Blago.  If I were “gathering” information we would be interview number one.  That’s where Obama should start.  If he hasn’t, I am sure the FBI already has.