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Questions I would like to see tonight

October 7, 2008

“Mr. Obama, please comment on the following quote from the philosopher Spinoza, ‘there can be no hope without fear.’ As you are running a campaign of hopemongering, would you consider yourself a fearmongerer.”

“Mr. McCain, please read these four pages aloud from David Foster Wallace’s Up, Simba, where the recently deceased journalist who rode the straight talk express in 2000 details your excruciating time at the Hanoi Hilton. As a follow up, tell us what a great guy he was.”

“Mr. Obama, the US has not been attacked since Sept 11, 2001 and the Democrats did not come to power in Congress till January 2007. Please detail each and every element of the Bush and Republican Congress agenda that kept us safe.”

“Mr. McCain, you are better than Huckabee.”

“Mr. Obama, it is noted that in countries with the highest marginal tax rates, unemployment numbers are extremely high as well. How do you intend to soak the producers of the world and at the same time make sure the little guy doesn’t get hurt.”

“Mr. McCain, what is your favourite type of beer?”

“Last question, Mr. Obama, if you win this year, you will have kept two women from reaching the White House in one year. Do you feel good about yourself, sexist?”