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The worst spin job of all time. By “redistribute” he meant “lowering the tax brackets on the middle class”.

October 27, 2008

Senator McCaskill has not yet been skilled in the spinning skills of the Jedi Masters…Yobama and Mace Bindu.  Over the past day or so a Youtube video surfaced where  The Messiah claimes there is a affirmative right in the Constitution that there should be economic fairness.  This right should be accomplished by the redistribution of wealth.  YIKES!!!.  See the post below.  Senator McCaskill has opened her big yapper in defense of The Great One .  She spins lies misrepresents the truth claims here in this video that what Obama meant by redistribution is middle class tax cuts.  Has anyone told the Senator that when spinning you cannot use an old talking point?  You must come up with a new talking point; i.e., Obama was only 40 yeas old when he said that, or that was a Pre-9/11 Obama…his views have since changed.

I wanted to see how Obama wiggles his way out of this one.  This is only the beginning.  My guess is he’ll stay silent, like he has for the past month, and just wait out the next 8 days.