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The Obligatory PC Holiday Post

November 25, 2008

Every year around this time, we as a nation are reminded how weak minded we have become.  Why do we allow this country to be bullied by a small slice of the population?  By small slice I mean this:  If there was a pie chart for what people would do if they found $1 million, the slice which we allow to shove their PC agenda down our throats would be equal to the “Hand the money over to the police” portion.  In the mean time, the “Keep It” portion is forced to configure its Holiday Cheer around the “feelings” of the few.  (Thanks Mitch Hedberg, may you Rest in Peace). 

I read two stories which absolutely drove me up the wall this morning; one in California and the other in Florida.

California via The LA Times and MM

For decades, Claremont kindergartners have celebrated Thanksgiving by dressing up as pilgrims and Native Americans and sharing a feast. But on Tuesday, when the youngsters meet for their turkey and songs, they won’t be wearing their hand-made bonnets, headdresses and fringed vests.

Parents in this quiet university town are sharply divided over what these construction-paper symbols represent: A simple child’s depiction of the traditional (if not wholly accurate) tale of two factions setting aside their differences to give thanks over a shared meal? Or a cartoonish stereotype that would never be allowed of other racial, ethnic or religious groups?

“It’s demeaning,” Michelle Raheja, the mother of a kindergartner at Condit Elementary School, wrote to her daughter’s teacher. “I’m sure you can appreciate the inappropriateness of asking children to dress up like slaves (and kind slave masters), or Jews (and friendly Nazis), or members of any other racial minority group who has struggled in our nation’s history.”

 What?  Huh? A couple of things go through my mind after reading that drivel

(1)If you can name the holiday where we celebrate the killing of Jews and the enslavement of Africans, you will be the first person I will invite to speak on the matter.  These children want to celebrate a holiday and reenact an actual historical event; where the Indians and Pilgrims sat down together.  Would this woman suggest a school play of Anne Frank not dress up the soldiers in Nazi uniforms?  Why stop there?  Let’s keep scrubbing it clean.  Anne Frank wasn’t actually Jewish, she was an agnostic.  The Germans were just a little confused; nothing a public education couldn’t fix. 

(2) Ms. Raheja, you mentioned towards the end of your quote “members of a racial minority.”  However, in the 1620’s the colonials were a stark minority on this Continent.  Additionally, who said all colonials wore black hats with gold buckles, black knickers with white stockings, and black leather shoes.  Why don’t you mention that stereotype?

More importantly, these are kindergarten students who want to have a Thanksgiving feast and continue a harmless tradition.  This woman and four other parents are pretty much the only complainers out of four kindergarten classes who get together once a year to celebrate Thanksgiving.  The School Board caved to their minority request, however parents plan on sending their kids in the costumes anyway.  Good for them.

If you want to email Michelle Raheja, here is her email address.

Florida via Drudge and

FGCU (Florida Gulf Coast University) administration has banned all holiday decorations from common spaces on campus and canceled a popular greeting card design contest, which is being replaced by an ugly sweater competition. In Griffin Hall, the university’s giving tree for needy preschoolers has been transformed into a “giving garden.” 

Thanks Al Gore.

Public institutions, including FGCU, often struggle with how best to observe the season in ways that honor and respect all traditions,” President Wilson Bradshaw wrote in a memo to faculty and staff Thursday. “This is a challenging issue each year at FGCU, and 2008 is no exception. While it may appear at times that a vocal majority of opinion is the only view that is held, this is not always the case.”

FGCU received 44 written complaints…of a student body of over 8,000 students.  So roughly .55% of the student body is now going to dictate what can be put up in Student Unions and other common areas around campus.  Why is the President bowing down to such a minority?  The PC machine has slowly become invincible and we as a country have been overwhelmed by the “feelings police”.  Someone needs to stand up to such maniacal behavior.  Otherwise there is no stopping it. I guarantee more to come.