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A little too late, but thanks anyway.

October 27, 2008

John King, a CNN Correspondent, admited that the MSM has not done a proper job of handling Obama and Palin.  Although I agree with Mr. King, his rationale is poor.  The MSM has had almost 2 years to vet Obama on the issues and his past but it was too much in love with Hillary? Crap!  The MSM dropped the ball with both democratic candidates because they are huge stories; either the first black president or the first woman president.  That scenario alone allows any jounalist a great opportunity to win awards because of their coverage of such a historical event.  McCain/Palin does not offer the same opportunity.  

If anything it is the opposite for Palin.  The MSM has such an obsession with seeing Palin fall right on her face.  She has been in the spotlight since August 17th…TWO MONTHS…yet I know more about her past then any of the other three.  I even know how much her wardrobe costs.  Yet Obama and Michelle’s pricetags are an unknown.  Addiitonally, I want to know how much Bidens hairplugs ran the Obama campaign. 

Moreover, the MSM is only beginning to look into Obama’s socialist policies.  The wealth distribution was brought up a couple months back; giving a check to those not even paying taxes in an effort to redistribute wealth.  Yet, the MSM waited until 8 days before the election to even bring it up as a valid point.  Even then, I bet the MSM will flip this argument against McCain as a move of desperation.  What a joke the mainstream media has become.  It feels good to be free of that jinoistic institution.  The truth shall set you free.