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Biden – Palin Halfway Point

October 3, 2008

TBV readers,

It looks as though Palin is succeeding at putting Biden on the defensive. She took command early letting Ifill and Biden know that she won’t always be answering what they want her to answer b/c she is speaking to the American people. Great focus on energy policy, defended McCain’s health care plan, and held her own on the financial bailout. As we enter the foreign policy portion of the debate, she is aggressive and holding her own … Biden should be owning this area … should is the key word. She is doing a good job coming across as a middle class mom, plain and simple. She isn’t pretending she knows everything, but is clearly articulating her position. As an aside, she keeps congratulating Biden for correcting or disagreeing with Obama over the past few months (pre-VP pick), and she is doing so on multiple policy issues – he is starting to not like it.

– AP


More Pre-game Armchair Quarterbacking

October 2, 2008

This time from Jennifer Rubin of Pajamas via RCP:

First, she needs to take it to her opponent on what is supposed to be Joe Biden’s greatest strength: foreign policy. She’s no Henry Kissinger but she can remind viewers that Biden championed the unworkable Iraq partition idea and opposed the surge. But it is in Biden’s criticism of Barack Obama that she might really score points. Biden after all inveighed against Obama’s vote to cut off funding for the troops in Iraq and was critical of his promise to meet unconditionally with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Between Biden and Obama they have supported just about every bad national security idea (e.g., opposition to Kyl-Lieberman, endless talks with Iran, opposition to FISA) in the last eight years. Palin can make that point.

Second, she should use Biden’s “higher taxes are patriotic” to do what McCain didn’t do enough of in his own debate: hone in on the dangers of a tax increase during a recession and suggest that if Obama is really bent on all that domestic spending many more people than the “rich” will get a tax hike. Why, with the Fed and Treasury madly trying to pump liquidity into the private sector, would Obama suck it back out with a tax hike? It’s illogical and bad economics.

Third, she needs to pin the “insider” label back on the Obama-Biden ticket. There are plenty of earmarks to point to — both by Biden and by Obama (nearly a billion in just the few years he has been there). But the real looming issue is why neither of them set about blowing the whistle on the Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae fiasco in the making. It was the Obama-Biden duo and their Democratic allies who took gobs of money from Freddie and Fannie and then blocked any meaningful reform. If all else fails, Palin should give viewers directions to view this film detailing the willful indifference, and indeed obstructionism, of the Democrats. Or she can quote Bill Clinton for the proposition that the Democrats have a lot to answer for. In short, she needs to use the platform of the debate to tie the Obama-Biden ticket to their Congressional colleagues and, in turn, to the debacle of Congressional mismanagement and malfeasance.

Fourth, she can talk with authority on energy policy. Why do the Democrats oppose domestic drilling and why aren’t we developing resources at home rather than importing oil, which for the foreseeable future will be a vital part of our energy supply? And yes, it is probably a good idea to bring up that clean coal gaffe.

And, finally, on a stylistic level Palin needs to get into the weeds and show some familiarity, not just with catchphrases, but with the particulars of McCain’s own program. As for her lack of foreign policy experience, she should be frank: all she has to offer is judgment, belief in a foreign policy based on the principles enunciated by Ronald Reagan, and a determination to take whatever measures are needed to prevail in the war on terror. (She might even use her newness to the national scene to her advantage: “I’m new at this Joe but I fail to see why Osama bin Laden should be given habeas corpus rights when not even the Nazis at Nuremberg got those protections.”)


What I Would Like to See Tonight

October 2, 2008

Everyone, their mother, and their racist preacher has an opinion as to what is going to go down tonight and what should go down tonight. Many on our side and pretty much every one on their side that Sarah is going to mess up. They also said that before her speech in Minnesota and we know how that went (awesome). Expectations are low, but here are some things I’d like to see


          at the open of the debate, Sarah pulls out a galley copy of the Age of Obama and congratulates Ifill on her book and say “it’s might good to clean my ass with.” She then turns to Biden and pulls out his book and says, “Yours ain’t bad the morning after a big Moose dinner.”

          No matter what she is asked, preface the answer by saying how hard it is to be the first attractive woman running for national office

          Talk about energy, energy, energy (Barack is a sexist) energy, energy, energy

          Call First Dude on stage and have him challenge Joe Biden to a drinking contest. Joe Biden accepts and it gets awesome


Ed Morrissey on Debate Points

October 2, 2008

Ed Morrisey of HotAir

  • Sarah Palin: She has to stay aggressive with both Joe Biden and moderator Gwen Ifill.  She has to attack the assumptions behind the questions, as Ifill will attempt to box her into desired responses.  Biden will damn her with faint praise, being condescending while on the surface seeming courtly.  She needs to push back against that.  Most importantly, she needs to stop worrying about details and speak to themes and concepts, similar to what Barack Obama needed to do in his debate, and mostly failed.  Best attack point: Biden’s pork.
  • Joe Biden: He has a tougher assignment.  He has to give the appearance of jabbing while trying to throw haymakers.  Normally, I’d expect a man with Biden’s experience to attempt to drown Palin with details, but Biden has a habit of inventing those on the fly.  Would Ifill call him on that?  Doubtful, but the post-debate spin could get brutal.  He can’t attack on experience, either, given Obama’s own short record of service, and can’t get by with the Joe Sixpack routine, either.  He’ll want to press his advantage on foreign policy.  Best attack point: Foreign travel. :
  • I agree that attacking the assumptions is a key point. Sarah has been going with the flow as far as the questions that have been thrown her way.  She needs to rephrase the questions to her strengths. Again, 2006 debates dealt with her home territory and she destroyed them.  She can do it again tonight and take back some of those ceded votes.  She needs to speak directly to the Pennsylvania suburbs that can win this for us.  There are people out there who are passionate and we need them if we are going to win this.