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McCain Decries Bailout Earmarks

October 2, 2008

By Andy Barr / Politico

John McCain expressed outrage over earmarks in the Senate bailout package, a bill he voted for Wednesday night.

“It’s insanity, and it’s obscenity because it’s a waste of taxpayers’ dollars, and it goes on,” McCain said on MSNBC.

“And until we stop it, until we get, frankly, a president who will say I’m going to veto those bills, I’m going to make the people famous that put them on there, famous — and by the way, Joe, you know that this problem has grown and grown and grown,” McCain added. “There’s a sharp difference, a total difference between myself and President Bush on the issue of pork barrel and earmarks and out-of-control spending and the growth of government without paying for it. Don’t forget that part.”

The bill includes tax breaks for rum producers in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands as well as producers of wooden arrows used for children’s toys.

Asked why he voted for the bill, which passed 74-25, if it was “insanity,” McCain said he did it because the country is on the “brink of economic disaster.”

Defending his vote, the Arizona senator pointed to the “plenty of other bills that I fought against.”

“I voted against the Medicare prescription drug program,” McCain declared. “If you look at the Citizens for a Sound Economy, the National Taxpayers Union, the Citizens Against Government Waste, I have been a hero to them because I have fought continuously, continuously against these.”

“I fought the leadership of my party and I have had success,” the Arizona senator added. “I saved the taxpayers $6.8 billion on a tanker deal that was going to cost the taxpayers that much because of this cozy deal. It ended up with people in jail.”

McCain then attacked Barack Obama, who he said “has never stood up to the leadership of his party on any issue. Not a one.”