Why Trust, But Verify Exists?

Trust, But Verify exists because of Ronald Reagan and what he stood for.  Join us today



  1. how does leaving my name and email tell me who YOU are?

  2. You are wise! I forgot this page existed and need to edit it

  3. Congratulations gentlemen! You have contributed to the irrational polarization of American politics. Substituting vitriol for information is not exactly moral behavior, but when you work for a candidate that encourages its supporters to call the opponent a terrorist and a nigger, does it really matter?

  4. Nice assertions. Now back up what you are saying: “a candidate that ‘encourages its supporters’ to call the opponent a ‘terrorist and a nigger’.” Go ahead and back it up? I gather you will not since McCain actually took time from multiple town halls to plain disagree with antendees who spewed such garbage – much like you. Maybe you won’t use a random email account either next time you post unintelligently. You fringe left are always welcome, but let the hangover cure b/c you come off uninformed with comments lacking any substantive support.

  5. Ratpacklaw,

    I think it is foolhardy to attack the dude using the pseudonym. It is not his fault, but the fault of the liberal run educational establishment. Because of his poor education, he never learned the correct definition of the word, “encourage,” which means “to promote, advance or foster.” This poor guy thinks that encourage shares a definition with “condemn”

    Here is a portion of what happened:
    “I’m scared of Barack Obama… he’s an Arab terrorist…”

    “No, no ma’am,” McCain interrupted. “He’s a decent family man with whom I happen to have some disagreements.”

    See John Q. Pseudonym, what McCain did is not “encouraging.” Don’t worry, it’s never too late to learn vocabulary. I suggest you start with some Dr. Seuss books and watch some sesame street.

  6. Didn’t Ronald Reagan dismantle civil rights legislation? Is that why you exist?

  7. What sort of civil rights legislation do you want beyond what Nixon and LBJ passed?

  8. I’m sorry, Yossarian, but any problems with the educational system are probably the fault of NCLB and the other stupid “reforms” that Bush II put in place. Instructing people how to fill in dots on a culturally biased standardized test teaches neither vocabulary nor anything else of substance. If liberals actually ran the educational establishment, there would be a lot more critcal thinking, composition, and social studies in the curriculum. You can also bet there would be fewer challenges to science and fewer attempts at banning books.

  9. I can’t help but think about Thomas Jefferson and JOhn Adams, George Washington, Abe Lincoln, all of the truly magnificent leaders of our nation who gave everything they had for her. And to see now that this pretender, an interloper of obscure origin and shady background, will take the desk in the oval office where truly great men, as well as some scumbags like Carter and Clinton, sat and made policy that ensured the security of our Constitution. They would turn over in their graves to see the risk that their beloved country is in now. The democracy that they gave their lives for is being imploded by the cancerous liberalism that resides inside it like a parasite, hating its host, yet sucking the life out of it all the while. God have mercy on us.

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