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Nuke ’em Kimmy

May 26, 2009

For a third time in as many days, North Korea has tested nuclear missles.  Where is the Secretary of State?  Hill is nowhere to be found.  The UN has begun to write a resolution with punitive action.  We know how that worked out in Iraq from 1992-2003.  Obama is gravely concerned.  I am so glad this guy is my Commander-in-Chief.  We should all feel very safe.  In defense of Obama, making a statement might have an adverse effect on the global anti-american setiment he is unilaterally trying to fix.


Compelling Personal Story

May 26, 2009

With Obama’s nomination of Sotomayor to the Supreme Court comes a flashback to last year’s election; i.e., a young minority who was raised in poverty, aspired to make something of themself, and thrived in law school.  It sounds all too familiar, doesn’t it?  I am a Disney fan, and as one I love the under dog story which ends in a slow clap and a “happily ever after.”  However, this is real life and a “good story” should not enter the conversation when it comes to Supreme Court Justices.  Just ask Congress circa 1991 with the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings.  If there is one story which diserves the title of “compelling” it is that of Justice Thomas.  Thomas’ story was rarely mentioned and his story of growing up in the segregated south was only used against him.  Thomas was seen as someone who left his roots behind him, and became a slave to the “white-man.”  Here are some examples of what was said about Justice Thomas:

Historian John Henrik Clarke called Thomas: A “frustrated slave crawling back to the plantation.”

Former Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders publicly called Justice Thomas an “Uncle Tom” (see Washington Post, May 2, 1995);

The ability to sit on a bench has very little to do with how “in-touch” you are with the common man, and has everything to do with the application of the precendent law before you.  Let us hope that Sotomayor’s ability to do so is analyzed thoroughly by Congress.  Something tells me they will, again, drop the ball, and those who actually ask questions will be villified as racists



Chrysler Senior Lienholders’ Attorney Describes What is Really Going On

May 4, 2009

In an interview of momentous importance, WJR’s Frank Beckmann interviews Tom Lauria, the Head of Restructuring at top five law firm White & Case, in which the lawyer, who represents Chrysler hold-out hedge funds Stairway Capital and Oppenheimer Funds, discusses on the record the amazing treatment by the White House of Perella Weinberg, which initially had been a transaction hold out but after threats by the White House (not my words) was forced to drop their objection and go with the administration. Says Lauria:

“One of my clients was directly threatened by the White House and in essence compelled to withdraw its opposition to the deal under threat that the full force of the White House press corps would destroy its reputation if it continued to fight…That was Perella Weinberg.”

…The full interview with Tom Lauria below is a must hear for everyone as it discloses not only the administration’s strong arming tactics in black and white, but also discloses some other critical facts that the president on his regular TV appearances has failed to mention