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Trust, But Verify reports, gives credit to others who report, and provides original commentary and thought for those seeking coverage of politics and policy beyond the influence of the mainstream media, managed-expectation coverage, and the “perception is reality” marketing campaigns employed by the Left.  We bring you what is Right from editors in NY-NY, Dallas-TX, Las Vegas-NV, and California.

Trust, But Verify


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  1. where can I get a copy of this video.

    YouTube has already taken it off.

    Hmmmmm, i wonder why?

  2. Hi,

    Who is this? Thanks very much for the link. Send me an email.


  3. Give the new administration a chance before you start butchering them. When was the last time a U.S. Presidential election have such international passion for change. I’m sorry you don’t like change. Clean your house and move on.

  4. When did we butcher the new administration? The last time there was this much international change mixed with the lopsided power in the House and Senate was during Carter. Are you old enough to remember those days? Thank heavans I was born in 1979 and by the time I was cognizant of the political environment the peanut farmer from GA was long gone, and Reagan had taken the helm.

  5. Count me in. The Reagan Republican Era has passed, but the foundations are still strong. Regardless of the media hype surrounding “Dear Leader” (BO), only time will tell if he’s a genuine leader, or only out for himself.

    The GOP must rebuild and redefine itself, using the foundation that Reagan built. The Democrats might be about “hope” and “change”, but the GOP has always been about “America”, “Pride”, and “Moral Compass”.

  6. I am on your team. It’s sickening. Conservatism can NOT be redefined. It is what it is.


  7. Liberty and Freedom should be the conservative mantra for the next 4-6 years. That’s what we win on. That’s what Reagan was about. That’s what the republicans win on. We are the keepers of America’s traditions and liberty’s.

    I would be careful about professing to be the moral compass–it is impossible to legislate morality. Let the special interest groups aligned to the Republican party take care of the morality aspects with support form the party not the other way around, IMO.

  8. Congratulations! Count me in! Conservatives MUST take over the Republican party and purge it of all so-called moderates. Organize and primary every Republican who has ever supported ANY liberal item.

    First rules of politics – pay your dues and go to meetings. We must all join our state Republican party and go to the meetings and stand up for Conservative truths.

    Yes we can retake America!!

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