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Why Obama is leading in the polls

November 4, 2008

Say all you want about skewed polls and dispproportionate sample sizes.  This is why Obama is leading in the polls.  It is on the back of the uneducated who think government should pay your mortgage and gas.  Oh how public education has failed us all.



What Community Organizers Do

November 3, 2008

Eventhough Halloween is over and done, the Zombies are still doing their jobs. 

Via MM

After the Weather Underground turned from domestic terrorism to indoctrinating the youth through academia it began a newsletter.  The first article of the first edition stated the new mission of the Weather Underground, to create a “torrent” of community organizers to crush that powers that be.

There are serious antiracist organizers building a revolutionary base in working class communities — in neighborhoods, shops, mills, mines, social institutions. There are those who are working among women, GI’s, vets, prisoners, among youth, students and the unemployed in every part of the country. There are some who have been at it for years and some who have just begun. Thousands more are needed; and each particular piece of work will have to be linked up into a whole. We need to out-organize the sophisticated and well-financed forces of George Meany, Louise Day Hicks, Ronald Reagan, George Wallace and Albert Shanker. Organizers need to crush this reactionary leadership with a revolutionized torrent of people.

The community Organizers were to,

build a successful struggle, strong organization and a winning revolutionary party. This is a process, which will not emerge full-blown from our minds. It will emerge and change and grow from practice. We know where to begin

Ultimately, the Weather Underground wanted to infiltrate academia and propagandize the leftists agenda of revolution.

Left analysis is seen mainly in papers circulated among leftists, left solutions are heard mainly in meetings of the left. And what a shame! Because some of that analysis and some of those solutions make sense, describe concrete conditions, prescribe real remedies. Some of that interpretation of events could provide needed leadership in struggle. But isolated from the people, the makers of history and the carriers of change, it is useless.The immediate task for the left is this: organize the masses of people against imperialism and for revolution. Pull together friends and comrades, whether three or thirty. Explain the roots of the current economic and social crisis. Fight for jobs and for funds for urgent relief programs. Wealth should be taken from the Pentagon budget and used to rebuild our cities, schools and hospitals.
 the system itself is inhuman, and socialism is a real alternative; the energy crisis is the fault of Rockefeller and the oil companies, not the Arab people; unemployment is caused by capitalism not “illegal aliens” stealing jobs; war in Indochina or the Mideast is part of the problem, not the solution; political and social action can change things.

Am I wrong or does this sound a lot like what Obama is pushing?  Look here for how similar Obama’s insignia is to the Weather Underground.



Obama is afterall the Second Coming…of Roosevelt and his New Deal that is.

October 28, 2008

During the Great Depression, the Government was traveling through economic territory we had never seen before.  Roosevelt felt the way out of the Depression was through enlarging government agencies to supply jobs for the unemployed.  For the time being, that was not the worst idea.  I do not fault FDR for what he did in the New Deal because, as I said before, we were on unknown territory; others aren’t so kind.  However, FDR did have some very radical ideas concerning the Constitution, the role of the Supreme Court, and affirmative rights. 

The Constitution was created as a document of negative rights.  Many are confused with the difference.  For example, I bet the majority think the First Amendment gives you the Freedom of Speech.  It does not.  The First Amendment says the Legislature shall make NO LAW to infringe upon your speech.  This is a negative right…it tells us what the government cannot do, not what citizens can do or what the government should/must do.  Woodrow Wilson, the self titled “First Progressive President”, had the same thoughts regarding the Constitution and was FDR’s predecessor in such ideology.

Roosevelt felt that there were affirmative rights which every American deserved.  He felt the American people deserved a second bill of rights, filled with these affirmative rights.  One of those is “the right to own a home”.  Roosevelt believed the US Government should help everyone own a home through government handouts and subsidies.  This ideology has not died.  Obama, in the second debate, announced that Health Care is a right that all Americans deserve.  This could not be further from the intent of the Framers of the Constitution.  There is now an audio clip where Obama claims there is an affirmative right to “not be poor”; i.e., a redistribution of wealth.  This ideology is dangerous.  Any Supreme Court, be it too liberal or too conservative, could invent or interpret a right from the Constitution.  The Framers made it clear in the 10th Amendment that the Bill of Rights was not an exhaustive list of guaranteed rights.  The Framers also made it clear that a new right can be included as an “endowed” right by either a state adopting a right into its Constitution (as long as it does not infringe upon a Federal Right) or Congress can amend the Constitution.  The Supreme Court should never make law…just interpret what is WRITTEN.

John Kerry, Obama’s probable pick as Secretary of State, wants a New Deal II, and Obama has declared his new Bill of Rights.  The New Deal II will expand government into the depths of healthcare, education, business, and farming to ensure all Americans receive these fake affirmative rights.  Some even say Obama’s New Deal II is more dangerous to our economic freedom than FDR.  We cannot allow this to happen.  The Government will slowly begin to eat away at our capitalist system; sticking its fingers into places it should not enter…mainly my pocket.  This New Deal II will cost the American Taxpayers billions if not trillions to create. 

We have already seen the foundation begin.  The Bailout ensures our Government has its hand in the baking system.  Not just as a regulator, but as part owner.  This, and other evidence of Government meddling, scares me.  This is not the country I grew up loving, and it is not the government I want to see as I get older.  Stop the Insanity!!!  Where is Jindal when we need him?



A little too late, but thanks anyway.

October 27, 2008

John King, a CNN Correspondent, admited that the MSM has not done a proper job of handling Obama and Palin.  Although I agree with Mr. King, his rationale is poor.  The MSM has had almost 2 years to vet Obama on the issues and his past but it was too much in love with Hillary? Crap!  The MSM dropped the ball with both democratic candidates because they are huge stories; either the first black president or the first woman president.  That scenario alone allows any jounalist a great opportunity to win awards because of their coverage of such a historical event.  McCain/Palin does not offer the same opportunity.  

If anything it is the opposite for Palin.  The MSM has such an obsession with seeing Palin fall right on her face.  She has been in the spotlight since August 17th…TWO MONTHS…yet I know more about her past then any of the other three.  I even know how much her wardrobe costs.  Yet Obama and Michelle’s pricetags are an unknown.  Addiitonally, I want to know how much Bidens hairplugs ran the Obama campaign. 

Moreover, the MSM is only beginning to look into Obama’s socialist policies.  The wealth distribution was brought up a couple months back; giving a check to those not even paying taxes in an effort to redistribute wealth.  Yet, the MSM waited until 8 days before the election to even bring it up as a valid point.  Even then, I bet the MSM will flip this argument against McCain as a move of desperation.  What a joke the mainstream media has become.  It feels good to be free of that jinoistic institution.  The truth shall set you free.


Hey, Biden. Gotcha!!!

October 27, 2008

One major quip many have with the ’08 campaign is the easy road which Obama and Biden have had.  Tough questions have not been presented and the MSM has continued to toss softballs to the democratic ticket.  I.e., while McCain and Palin are being grilled about the ‘cuda’s wardrobe Obama is on the trail answering questions from Albert Clifford Slater

This weekend some in the MSM have begun to ask long over due questions concerning Obama’s socialist economic policies.  Biden, who has not held a formal press conference since September, thinks a question even insinuating Obarx and his Marbama’s policies is a joke.  No Senor Biden, you are the joke.  In Pennsylvania, a very important battleground state, two anchors decided to once again ask Obarx about his Cuban Castrabamic policies.  As the polite statesman which he his, Biden cut the interview short.  Way to show some class.  One might try answering a question every once in a while.

It is funny to see a live interview with Biden and his inability to even answer one tough question.  Whereas, Palin was dragged through the mud for a taped and edited piece.  Biden, how does it feel to be Palin for about 25 seconds?  The sad thing is I had to find out about Obama’s socialist comments and Biden’s gaffes from the “alternative” media and not from CNN, MSNBC, or CBS.  I even searched for the stories and I was unable to find them.  The MSM once again has shown it’s bias and sickening worship of an unproven socialist politician from Chicago, the dirtiest of all political machines. 

I voted today.  Make sure you do the same.