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Dick Morris Analyzes the VP Debate then Smacks Around Alan Colmes

October 4, 2008

Happy Weekend TBV readers – enjoy this solid analysis by Dick Morris – and a little bashing of Alan Colmes when he insists on spewing his talking points.


VP Debate: Biden Gets Many Facts Wrong

October 3, 2008

Biden Factually Incorrect:

Biden said: McCain voted on the same way on the budget resolution as Obama did. [FALSE]

Answer: Those votes were held on 3/14 and 6/4, McCain votes no, Obama voted yes. In that resolution, there is a provision calling for a tax increase starting on people making as low $42,000/year.

Biden said: Under Obama people will not pay more taxes than they did under Reagan. [FALSE]

Answer: The top rate under Reagan was 28% and under Clinton it was 39.5% … Obama wants to increase it to 39.5%

Biden said: It would take at least ten years to get any oil from new production. [FALSE]

Answer: Not true, it would take a year or two in some instances.

Biden said: The “Use of Force” resolution was NOT a war resolution / authorization for war. [FALSE]

Answer: Yes it was.

Biden said: McCain voted the same way Obama did with funding the troops. [FALSE]

Answer: Look at the final passage vote, McCain voted yes, Obama voted no to funding the troops.

Biden said: The United States spends more in three weeks in Iraq as we have in the past seven years in Afghanistan. [FALSE]

Answer: That is inaccurate – no spending figures support that assertion.

Biden said: That Article I of the Constitution refers to the Executive branch. [FALSE]

Answer: Article I refers to the Legislative Branch – (and he graduated from law school and serves on the Senate Judiciary Committee in charge of the federal courts)

Biden said: He said there was a windfall profits tax in Alaska. [FALSE]

Answer: No there is no such tax.

Biden said: McCain opposed President Clinton on Bosnia. [FALSE]

Answer: Incorrect

Biden said: Pakistan could hit Israel with a nuclear missle. [FALSE]

Answer: Pakistan is 2,198 miles away from Israel, their longest range missle has a range of 1200 miles.

Sounds Like Socialism Quote of the Night: “We don’t call it redistribution we call that ‘fairness’.” – Joe Biden

– AP


Biden – Palin Halfway Point

October 3, 2008

TBV readers,

It looks as though Palin is succeeding at putting Biden on the defensive. She took command early letting Ifill and Biden know that she won’t always be answering what they want her to answer b/c she is speaking to the American people. Great focus on energy policy, defended McCain’s health care plan, and held her own on the financial bailout. As we enter the foreign policy portion of the debate, she is aggressive and holding her own … Biden should be owning this area … should is the key word. She is doing a good job coming across as a middle class mom, plain and simple. She isn’t pretending she knows everything, but is clearly articulating her position. As an aside, she keeps congratulating Biden for correcting or disagreeing with Obama over the past few months (pre-VP pick), and she is doing so on multiple policy issues – he is starting to not like it.

– AP


Palin’s Coming Out – She Can Manage By Herself Just Fine, Thank You.

September 29, 2008

If you go to Google News and you search “Palin”, the top eight stories are negative.  It is clear Palin has been carefully handled and this, combined with the concert of messaging from the media painting Palin as unqualified and unprepared has provided a unique opportunity for the McCain ticket.  As mentioned by my fellow TBV colleague below, uncage the pitbull, give her a gun, and let her get her groove back.  The media are aware of this opportunity and are already framing Thursday’s debate as “Palin cannot afford a single misstep.”  The truth is expectations have been beaten down, an ancillary result of the media’s portrayal of her.  If McCain and Rick Davis get the handlers away from her, and let her be herself, I believe a second “coming out”, this time with more hype and coverage b/c of the debate format, could be just what McCain needs.  Let her loose, we want Sarah back.

– AP